A Girl and Her Hair


Ella goes to preschool three days a week.  She loves school but doesn’t like getting ready to go.  She is always too distracted by toys, books, tv, her brothers, etc. to get dressed and ready to go.  I am constantly yelling, prodding, and poking at her to get ready so we can leave!  Today, Ella went upstairs to her room without me saying a word, got dressed and did her hair for school.  She quietly walked down the stairs and announced she was ready to go.  Phil happened to be home for lunch and was the first one to see her.  He started to tell her she couldn’t go to school looking like she did.  When I turned around I noticed she had several barrettes of varying colors all throughout her hair.  As silly as she looked I was just glad she got ready for school all on her own.  So, I told Phil she looked just fine and off we went to school.  I know someday she will look back at this picture and say, “Mom, why did you let me leave the house looking like that?”  I know she will say that because I have said that many times to my own mother about my short curly, permed hair from the 80’s and my big pink glasses that I fought her to get!

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