Alligator Soup

20090530 peasoup

The other day I made split pea soup.  All my kids have loved this soup in the past but lately if you mention anything green (like peas), they think they don’t like it.  So, when Preston asked what was for dinner, I quickly responded, “alligator soup.”  He was intrigued.  He started eating and asked, “What are the carrots?”  Then he asked about the potatoes and ham.  I told him they were things like alligator tail or toes etc.  He thought my alligator soup was wonderful and ate two bowls full.  I was so glad it worked.

Another great thing that works for him is reverse psychology.  All you have to do is say something like, “I bet you can’t do that” and he is all over it!  I dread the day when these kind of things stop working on him!

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