Baby Book

baby book

When I got pregnant I started looking through baby books.  I saw that my own baby book wasn’t completely filled out and neither were my sibling’s books.  I decided I wanted to be organized and keep my children’s baby books up to date.  I made a template for my book in Microsoft Word and I fill it out in my own handwriting.  I think my children will like to see what my handwriting looks like.  I started with pregnancy sheets to keep track of each month of pregnancy.  Then when they were born I started filling out their baby book pages.  I keep it updated monthly until they are two years old then I switch to every six months.  It keeps track of things they have accomplished, or silly things they’ve done or said.  It has a page for things that I hope I never forget about them as well as monthly notes about things they are learning and doing and their likes and dislikes.  I really treasure these books and I keep all the pages in page protectors in their own notebooks.

Here is a copy of my pregnancy and baby book pages you can download:

Pregnancy worksheets

Baby Book worksheets

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