Ella:  Dad you better not go play basketball at the church tonight!

Phil:  Okay Ella I won’t (wink, wink).  Go to bed!

{Ella is tucked in bed and lights are turned out}

{Phil leaves to go play basketball}

Ella:  DAAAAAD! (screaming from her room)

{Mindy stomping up the stairs to yell at Ella}

Mindy:  What do you want Ella!

{Ella is hiding under her covers}

Ella:  I want dad.

Mindy:  He’s in the bathroom (hoping Ella doesn’t realize he’s left to go play basketball).

{Ella pops out from under her covers with marker all over her face}

Ella:  But I wanted to scare daddy.

Mindy:  What have you done?  You just had a bath!  What is all over your face?

Ella:  It’s marker and I wanted to scare daddy with it.

Mindy:  That is not funny!

Ella:  Then why are you laughing?

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