20080400 bedtime

My two and a half year old son loves bedtime.  He is the only child I have ever seen that asks to go to bed.  He loves loves loves his crib and his blanket and pillow!  After we had our next baby we knew we were going to have to move him over to a big boy bed.  I was nervous but he now loves his big boy bed.

My other son has had his days and nights confused from the moment we brought him home from the hospital.  He sleeps in his cradle which was next to my bed.  After several sleepless nights I couldn’t take it any longer.  We moved his cradle into our closet and turned on a fan.  He and I sleep much better.  He still wakes up and occasionally wants to stay up, but for the most part we are sleeping better!

I am thankful for my boys and their bedtimes!

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