20080523 bloopers

I have really enjoyed learning more about photography.  I enjoy showing off photos I’ve taken of my children.  It started with Ella.  I would spend hours sticking her in buckets, baskets, and bows to take her picture.  What an enjoyment.  Then we added Preston.  I found out that taking pictures of two children was a little more difficult, but I always got at least one perfect photo at the end of each session.  Now, we’ve added Brennen and I’ve discovered that taking pictures of three is impossible!  Phil helped me get them all dressed and into my studio space and away we went.  Brennen cried, Preston threw a fit, Ella made faces.  At the end of this session all I had was what looked like a blooper roll!  Taking photos of my children isn’t quite as enjoyable as it used to be, but I still love it!

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