Christmas Tree Skirt

christmas tree skirt 1

I thought I’d share my easy Christmas tree skirt idea.  I found this round tablecloth on clearance one year after Christmas.  I cut a circle in the center and now use it as my tree skirt.  See the diagram below and cut along the black line.  You could sew the cut edges but I didn’t.  I also purchased a rectangle tablecloth that I sewed into two table runners to match.  Very easy!

christmas tree skirt 2

Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

trick or treat bag

Here is my daughter’s trick or treat bag I made for her to use this year.  I let each of my kids pick out their clipart images for their bags so they are very excited to use them.  You can purchase these bags in the craft section at the store.  You’ll also need to purchase iron on transfer paper from the office supply section.  Design your bag on Photoshop or any other design software.  It is very important that you flip your design horizontally before you print it so it won’t be backwards when you iron it on.  Then you print out your design on the iron on transfer paper and iron it on your bag according to the directions on your iron on transfer paper.  Very simple, inexpensive and cute!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Mothers Fathers Day Sheets

For My husband and I and our parents, we have our kids fill out this sheet.  It tells all the reasons they love us.  They also color the picture at the top.  I love to hear their answers and see how their coloring and signature changes from year to year.  We enjoy this much more than any store bought gift.

Here are the sheets for each holiday that you can download.

Mothers and Fathers Day Sheets