Dinner Time


Dinner time is always very hectic in our household.  Starting around 4:00 things go crazy!  Preston is ready for Phil and Ella to come home, Brennen is STARVING, Ella is coming home from school, I’m trying to get dinner started etc.  You get the idea.  I find myself telling Preston to be quiet while pulling Brennen off my pant leg as I’m trying to walk around the kitchen making dinner and watching for Ella to get off the bus.  Ella has helped me out a few times by feeding Brennen his dinner while I fix everyone else’s.  It keeps Brennen quiet and off my pant leg and gives Ella something to do when she comes in from school.  I think she gets more food on his face and in his lap than she does in his mouth; but, two of the three kids are quiet for a short amount of time while I cook.  You can’t beat that!

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