Doughnut Meets Burger


Sounds like an unlikely combination doesn’t it?  Well, we recently returned from a family vacation where we stayed with my brother Brad and his family.  For dinner one night they took us to a little diner near Penn State where my brother attends.  This was a real diner with all the original fixins.  They had a great selection of burgers and shakes.  While cruising through the menu, Phil came across a delightful combination of bacon cheeseburger on a glazed doughnut bun with the name of “Crazy Burger.”  I think it is because you have to be crazy to order such a thing.  Since Phil’s two favorite foods are doughnuts and cheeseburgers, he thought, “How can you go wrong?”  Well, while he continues to enjoy doughnuts and bacon cheeseburgers, he has decided the “Crazy Burger” is a once in a lifetime treat.  He thinks he will eat them separate from now on.

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