Four in Four

20090302 per

We have been in the emergency room four times in the last four months!  The first three were for Preston.

1.  Fell down the stairs and fractured his elbow.  He had to wear a splint for a few weeks but luckily did not need a cast.
2.  Ran right into the corner of a desk and cut open his temple.  They used liquid stitches to hold it together.
3.  Last Thursday night he fell off a kitchen chair and hit another chair with his chin.  His cut was deeper this time and they gave him five stitches.

4.  Well, if that wasn’t bad enough, Monday night Phil was using a pair of scissors and snipped his pinky finger!  Back to the ER we went and sure enough he needed four stitches.

Any more ER visits and I’m afraid they are going to start questioning us!

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