Getting Dressed


Brennen is 2 1/2 and has decided he will dress himself.  It’s a lot of work for him but he is bound and determined he will do it without help.  One night he came running up to me and said, “Look Mom.  I got dressed all by myself!”  He kept looking at his pants like something wasn’t quite right but couldn’t figure it out (they were inside out). Then he looked down at his shirt and was puzzled by the fact that the batman logo wasn’t on his chest (his shirt was on backwards).  But, all in all, he was pretty proud of himself.

A few minutes before this we were having Family Home Evening.  During the lesson Brennen decided to strip naked and streak through the living room!  So, he had to put his clothes back on.  Things are always eventful during Family Home Evening at our house!

And yes, he is still wearing his cowboy boots day and night!  And boy are they STINKY!

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