Growth Chart

growth chart 2 growth chart 1

I saw a growth chart recently online that I loved.  I have been meaning to make one for my kids for a few years but never knew how I wanted to do it.  This was the perfect solution.  Amy at made the vinyl for the growth chart like the one I saw online.  I LOVE IT!!!  I got an 8″x8′ board at Lowes and had them cut it to 7′.  I just found out that Lowes will cut your boards for you!  Then I painted it an off white color, sanded the edges lightly, applied a thin coat of stain, and applied the vinyl.  When I grew up, we marked our heights on the back of a door.  When we moved we had to leave it behind.  Having the growth chart on the board is great because it looks cute enough to leave out as a decoration, or if you want to put it out of sight it will easily fit into a closet, and it can go with you if you move!

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