I Hope I Never Forget



My baby boy just turned one.  I hope I never forget the past year.

I hope I never forget his newborn grunts, how warm and snuggly he was on my chest, how his little lips didn’t quite match up when they closed, his chubby little legs.

I hope I never forget his round little head, the way he would look up at me when I talked to him, his belly laughs, how he straightened his legs and screamed when he was excited.

I hope I never forget how he grabbed my face and kissed me, his toothless funny smile, his curious looks on his face.

I hope I never forget how cute he was when he crawled really fast with determination to get something, how cute he looked when he started to walk, how he would frequently quit playing to walk over to me and lay his head on me, how cute his smile was with his two little teeth.

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