Kids Lunch Choices

food choices

I thought this would be a good post since school is about to start next week.  Last year my daughter started kindergarten.  I packed her lunch each day but she rarely ever ate it.  I realized that I needed to start giving her choices and let her decide what she would like to pack in her lunch.  I made a key ring full of choices.  Each category is a different color.  Now, she goes through and orders her meal each day.  She knows she has to pick one blue, one green, and one yellow.  Then, the rest are up to her.  This system worked very well for us.

Blue-main dish
Purple-side dish
Brown-dip or sauce

You can download the cards and then print them on paper or cardstock.  I printed them on paper and then laminated them using Jumbo Card Size 2-15/16″x4-1/8″ laminating pouches from  I punched a hole and put them on a ring.

You can download the cards and the photoshop template here:

Food Choices Template

Food Choices pdf

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