Ella told me this morning that her tooth was loose.  She was so excited!  She would not leave it alone all day.  Every five minutes she showed it to me.  The looser it got and the more it bled, the more disgusted I got!  I realized that Phil is going to have to be the one who deals with loose teeth.  I just can not handle it.  She caught on to my disgust and started showing it to me even more!  Finally, she pulled her own tooth.  She called everyone she knew to tell them about it.  She also informed me that the tooth fairy brings $5 for each lost tooth.  I told her that was a lot of money and maybe the tooth fairy would bring $5 for her first lost tooth because it is such a special milestone for a kid, but she probably only brings $1 for each additional tooth.  She thought that sounded fine.

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