Multi Purpose Bags

multi purpose bag

I bought several of these reusable grocery bags at ALDI last year.  I have used them for just about everything!  They are great because they are much larger than the bags from other stores, they are super durable, they can hold a ton of items, they can hold a lot of weight, and they cost less than $2!

In the photo above you can see we used them for beach bags on our vacation last summer.  They worked great because they held everything and it didn’t matter if they got yucky in the sand because they were so inexpensive.  We actually used them to pack for vacation.  I know it looked like hillbilly luggage but it was so convenient.  We had one bag for beach stuff, one for food, one for each person, etc.  It kept everything nice and organized.

I also use them when I am cleaning my house. I will carry one into different rooms to put all the kids toys in that I find throughout the house.  Then I can take the bag downstairs to their toy area and put them all away at once.

We celebrate Christmas with three sets of parents in their homes.  I keep a bag for each home we are going to.  After wrapping a gift, I will place it in the bag whose home it goes to.  Then, when it’s time to leave on Christmas Eve or Day, I can grab the correct bag and everything is there and easy to carry.  They also work great to put the gifts you received in to bring them home.

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