Multi-Purpose Toys

multi purpose toys

These are the best children’s toys ever!  I bought them on sale several years ago.  While bathing my daughter one day I became very frustrated with all the bath toys she was playing with.  They all had small holes that trapped water inside and every time she squeezed them, black gunk squirted out!  I got the set of beach toys out and they have remained in our bathtub ever since.  There are buckets, shovels, cars, and boats etc. included in the set.  They love them.  Last winter I had another bright idea.  My kids wanted to play out in the snow but I didn’t want to join them in the cold.  So, I grabbed the beach/bath toys and set them out on the deck in the snow.  They loved scooping up snow and molding it into shapes.  I laid a towel down for them to sit on so they stayed dry.  We have also taken these toys to the beach and they loved them there too.  We’ve had them five years and all three kids play with them daily.  I’ve also put them through the washer and the dishwasher several times to clean them with no problems.  So, the next time you need children’s toys that are inexpensive, hold up great, and are multipurpose- go buy a sturdy set of beach toys.

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