Sessions typically take about an hour.  We will have time to stop in the middle if your child needs to take a break or you need to feed your newborn.  Please be on time for your session.  Please give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel.


Solid color clothing or simple patterns look best in photographs.  Trendy or busy clothing and accessories are distracting and will date the image.  Groups should wear clothing in similar tones.  Bare feet look best for young children.

For maternity sessions, snug fitting tops show the belly better.  Sometimes a non maternity shirt will work best.  Wear pants that have a nice waistband.  For some photos, the shirt will be pulled up and the waistband may show.  Do not wear waistbands that are too tight and will leave a visible elastic impression on the belly.

Newborns photograph best unclothed or in light clothing.  Dress your infant in loose-fitting clothes so no creases or fabric impressions will be visible after removing the clothes.

Feel free to bring a change of clothes for your session.


You are welcome to bring any props you would like to have in your photos.  Your baby’s first teddy bear or booties are fun in maternity shots.  A favorite baby blanket is great for newborn or baby shots.  Your toddler’s favorite toy works well too because it keeps them busy and happy during the shoot.  High school seniors may want to bring school memorabilia or sports equipment and uniforms.  Bring anything you would like and we will try to incorporate it into your photos.


Within two weeks of your photo session, I will post your proofs in an online gallery.  If you would prefer hard copy proofs you may purchase them.  You will have two weeks to make your decision and order your photos.  You can call me or email me to place your order.  You may read more about this process under the Proofs Page.

All photos posted in the proof gallery are copyright and may not be copied, printed, posted online etc.  If you would like to have the digital photo jpeg files, you can purchase a cd with all your images.  They will be cropped at a high resolution.  You will receive a copyright release and you may use these images however you would like including making prints, posting them online, and emailing them to others.

Once you place your order, your photographs will be available for pickup within two weeks.

All photos will be archived and available for purchase for one year.