Preston the Builder


Preston wants to be a builder when he grows up (no, he did not get this from his dad).  He talks about it all the time.  One day, we had a huge discussion about how he could be a builder and an astronaut (another of his dreams).  He was afraid he couldn’t be both.  I assured him that he could in fact do both if he really wanted to.  Once that was figured out he worried the rest of the day what he would do with his million tools that he is going to have when he grows up.  He knew he wouldn’t be able to get a toolbox big enough to carry them all and yet he would need them all to fix things.  I told him he could have a huge garage to keep them in and carry a toolbox with just the tools he would need to build his projects.  That satisfied him so he went to his Grandpa Jeff and got his own toolbox and tools to get him started.

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