Relief Society Activity Ideas

I have served as my branch enrichment leader for a year now.  I love this calling a lot.  Here are my planning, agenda, and notes from our four activities we had last year:

HFPE The Hundred Dresses HFPE Meeting
HFPE Journaling HFPE Meeting
HFPE Frugal Gift Giving HFPE Meeting
HFPE Add a Little Sugar and Spice to Your Personal and Married Life

We had several smaller activities throughout the year too.  Some of them were FHE swaps, bread making, soup making, homemade laundry soap making, temple trips etc.  We are a small branch and don’t do “groups.”  Instead, we do several small activities.  I try to have two activities a month the sisters can choose from.  I keep the meetings and activities simple with few decorations and easy refreshment ideas.  I really want the women to learn something and/or feel the spirit.  This is what is most important.  The socializing and fun will happen naturally from us getting together.

Here are some ideas from our planning meeting for this year:

–Ideas for our 4 main meetings this year

1  March—“He Is”—improving our relationship with Jesus Christ (using the song He Is by Hilary Weeks

2  June—Developing and recognizing our talents

3  September—How to put our eternal priorities first (temple, family) (make temple mod podge)

4  November—Holiday traditions

–Food/refreshment ideas-brownie bar, baked potato bar, soups

–Ideas for small activities-Self defense, fhe swap, movie night, scripture study systems, Ensign article night, cake decorating, genealogy, healthy support group (exercise, nutrition, stress management),learn to cut hair, organizing/what works for you, herbs-how to grow and use, wheat 101, powdered milk 101,  emergency notebook, medicine cabinet in a bag, canning.

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