I randomly find surprises around the house.  I don’t know how they get there but they make me smile.  I started taking photos of them so I can  remember.

1.  Tons of cans from my food storage shelf in the play tunnel.
2.  My high school church camp manual in my casserole dish tote.
3.  Books under my office rug.
4.  A bouncy ball in my dish drainer in the sink.
5.  A GI Joe hanging for dear life from the basketball hoop.
6.  A stocking in the dirty clothes basket.  (I found this here 3 days in a row!)
7.  A mostly eaten cucumber on my nightstand.
8.  A monkey in my Vera Bradley bag.
9.  An eyeball on my closet floor.
10.  A snake on my bookshelf.
11.  A can of corn under my couch.
12.  Chap stick in the refrigerator.
13.  A pencil in my heating vent.
14.  A snake in the dirty sheets.
15.  A washrag hanging from my family room wreath.
16.  A cow on Phil’s shoe shelf.
17.  Dried lentils on the upstairs landing.
18.  Black fingerprints on the crib rail.

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