52 Scriptures About the Savior

20151217 Savior Scriptures

Camille over at Chicken Scratch n Sniff posted a free printable with 52 scriptures about Jesus Christ.  There are four scriptures to a page.  You can print them off and use them in a variety of ways.  In her post, she even gives 10 ways to use these scripture cards!

52 Scriptures to Help You Remember the Savior All Year

I printed out the pages on card stock and cut each page into fourths so there was one scripture per card.  Then, I printed out a picture of the Savior for the front cover.  I copied and pasted her ten uses for these cards and printed them out as a last page.  I laminated the front and back covers and punched holes in the top left corner and used a ring to make a booklet.

I have been looking for a way to bring myself and my family closer to Jesus Christ.  I am excited to use this booklet all next year to help us learn about and remember our Savior.

I am going to keep this booklet in our gospel study basket that you can read about HERE.

Here are some ways I am thinking of using this booklet in our family.  I got all these ideas from watching Camille’s video and reading her post.
-I would like to focus on one scripture each week next year.  We will read it during scripture study each day that week.  Hopefully we will memorize some of them and it will spur some conversation about the Savior too.
-I printed each scripture on card stock but did not laminate each page (only the covers) so we could write any thoughts we have about the scripture on the back of each one.
-Whenever anyone in our family gets upset, we will read through the booklet in hopes of calming down and bringing some peach and spirit into our lives!

Family Scripture Study


20151120 Scripture Study (4)

Several years ago we had three young children and were struggling to have family scripture study.  I was an overwhelmed mom who had no idea when to do it or how to get my kids to sit still and listen.  Then, twice within a few months I heard two different talks that mentioned holding family scripture study during dinner time.  When I heard the first talk I thought that sounded like a good idea.  Then I quickly forgot about it. The second time I heard it, it stuck with me.  We almost always have dinner together as a family and the children are already sitting!  So, I purchased an inexpensive copy of the scriptures so it would be okay to have them at the table with messy kids and we started reading a few verses from the Book of Mormon each day.  That worked great for us.

As we continued reading and had another child, I began to feel like this was not enough.  We did our best to hold Family Home Evening and daily scripture reading; but, I had a nagging feeling that I needed to be teaching them more-more doctrine, more testimony.  I wrote down a list of all the things I wanted to teach my children and pondered a way to fit it all into our family scripture study.

After a few weeks, I saw something (this post)  that gave me a great idea.  I gathered everything I wanted to teach the kids and put them in a basket.  I sat the basket on the counter right beside out table so we could see it at dinner as a reminder to study.  It also sits out all day so the kids can grab something out of it anytime they want to read or study.

20151120 Scripture Study (1)

20151120 Scripture Study (2)


Then, I found an old spinner game piece laying around the house from a fast food kids meal and converted it to a gospel study spinner.  I had a space for all the things I wanted to study during scripture study.  Our kids already had a specific “prayer day” where they say the family prayers that day (or they can pick someone else to say the prayer once that day), so I let them spin the spinner on their day.  Wherever it lands is what we study that day.  It’s fun for the kids, it adds variety to our study, and we are able to learn a lot more.

20151120 Scripture Study (3)


The spaces on my spinner are:
Book of Mormon-It’s on there three times because I feel it’s really important!  We read a few verses wherever we left off last time.
Scripture Story-I have the old gospel art kit that has scripture story pictures on the front and the story written on the back.  I put them all in a notebook and the kids open up to a story and we read and talk about it.
Basic Doctrines-These are the basic doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that are emphasized in Seminary and Institute classes.  Every time we spin this we cover one or part of one of the doctrines listed.
Church Magazine-We read a story in the Friend Magazine.
Scripture Mastery-I have all the scripture mastery cards on a ring and we will open up to one and study it.
FTSOY-We study a topic in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.
Family Proclamation-We study one paragraph each time.
Articles of Faith-We study a new one each time.

I keep everything we need to study each of these in my basket by the table.  It’s so easy to grab what we need and study.  I am amazed at what we have covered over the last few years doing this!  If I feel the need to switch out topics I can easily create a new face for my spinner.

If you want to create your own spinner there are a few other options I found (click on the pictures to go to the source for directions:

-Cover up a spinner from an old board game.

-Make your own spinner.
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-Use the Decide Now app-available from itunes and google play.



-Buy a spinner from Amazon
blank spinners
board game spinner
transparent spinners



Over the last two years Griffin has had several bouts of pneumonia and bronchiolitis.  Any time he gets a runny nose or a cough, it goes straight to his lungs.  His pediatrician told us that many children outgrow this by the time they turn two.  He continued getting sick and had to go on a daily steroid and other asthma medications as needed.  I hated giving his so many medications and I hoped he would be one of the many children who would outgrow this airway disease.

A few months after he turned two he got a runny nose and a cough.  Within a couple hours he was hardly able to breath.  I took him to the pediatricians office who sent him straight to Children’s Hospital which is an hour from our home.

Griffin continued struggling for breath.  Phil took him to Children’s while I attended to the other kids.  When they got to the ER, Griffin was met by a whole team of specialists who pumped him full of several medications and breathing treatments.  It was really scary as they tried to decide if he should be placed in the icu.  I made arrangements for the other kids and drove to meet them at the hospital.

At that point he had been admitted to the regular ward with special instructions for extra attention from the health care providers. He was on hourly treatments that were expected to continue throughout the night.  We called a dear friend who lived near Children’s to come help Phil give Griffin a blessing.  I was reluctant to call our friend because he had an infant born with a heart condition who spent several months in the same hospital before he passed away the year before.  I knew it would be difficult for him to come back to the hospital, but he gladly did and I was so grateful for his efforts to help save my son.

After the blessing, Griffin started improving and the treatments started spacing out further and further until he was discharged the next day with prescriptions for even more medications, inhalers, and nebulizer treatments, and a pretty sure diagnosis of asthma.

It was very scary.  I hated that he was always sick, but at least before this happened, I felt like I could manage it-just start the meds at the onset of cold symptoms and wait for him to out grown it.  Now, he had asthma, that could turn life threatening very quickly.  I am afraid to leave him alone or go out of town any more.

Phil and I were out of the country on a trip for his company just the week before.  I am thankful this didn’t happen while we were gone.  I am thankful I am a pharmacist so I have a good understanding of how to treat him.  But most of all, I am thankful for priesthood blessings that heal and comfort in times of need.

I am a Mother


I am a pharmacist.  I went to college for five long and grueling years.  I always knew I didn’t want a career.  I always wanted to stay at home with my children.  My fellow students all thought I was crazy to put myself through the torture of pharmacy school when I didn’t want to work full time when I graduated.  Well, when I did graduate, I worked full time for a few years to help Phil finish school and get his career started.  Then I went to part time after I had my first child.  My mom watched Ella, then Preston, then Brennen as I worked 1-3 days a week.  I never had to continue working.  It was just something I did because I could.  I always felt I had the best of both worlds because I still felt like a stay at home mom.  I only worked part time and my kids weren’t going to a babysitter.  I also felt like I got out into the “real world” a few days a week and was able to contribute to the family income.

Well, earlier this year I started feeling a little stressed with the three kids, work, house, and the prospects of having another baby.  I knew in my heart that I needed to quit work completely.  I kept feeling this way and knew something had to be done.  When Phil and I found out we were expecting another baby, we knew it was time for me to say goodbye to work for a while.

I didn’t think it would be so hard for me to give up especially since I only worked part time and I was excited to spend more time with my kids at home.  But, it was tough.  I started working there when I was 16.  As you can see by the photo above that I have worked there exactly half of my life!   That is a long time.  The economy is really bad right now too and I felt nervous about quitting a good job when so many people are looking for work.  When I expressed this concern to Phil, he said, “Heavenly Father’s ways are not the ways of the world.”  That really made me think.  I know that logically with the economy the way it is, I should work and continue to contribute to the family income.  But, I know that Heavenly Father wants me to stay home with my kids and teach them His ways.  I know my family will be blessed because of this and that makes me happy.  So, for now I am a mother!

Here is a video that I love:

A New Calling


I was called to be the Relief Society President for our branch at church.  I am scared to death to take on this much responsibility for the sisters that I will serve.  I was given a huge stack of paperwork to go through and this is what I narrowed it down to.  I still have a lot to read and a lot to learn!  I knew for some time that this calling was coming.  The Lord gives us what we need and I needed time to prepare!  I pray that with His help I will be able to serve in the way He would want me to.

General Conference Basket

general conference 2

I love watching General Conference each April and October.  I love being home all weekend with my family watching conference on the tv.  I love having big breakfasts and soups to eat for lunch and dinner.  I love hearing our church leaders give us inspired words and guidance.  The one thing I didn’t love was having my children cause such a ruckus that we couldn’t hear much of what was going on.

In April I made a General Conference Basket for the family to enjoy.  It worked very well for my three and six year old kids.  I took different General Conference packets I have found on the web and customized them to what I wanted.  I make one for each child.  There is a photo of each Prophet and Apostle and a blank head next to it so they can color what they look like when they speak.  I also have a tie on the page for them to color to match the speakers tie.  I have a spot for them to write or draw pictures of what they are speaking about.  At the bottom there are different things they can color if it applies to the speaker, such as if they are bald, wear glasses etc.  I also have pages for other speakers who are not Prophets or Apostles including pages for the women who speak.   At the end of the conference packet, I include several coloring pages, word searches and other fun things from the Friend Magazine.  If they finish or get tired of coloring about the speaker, they can flip to a page in the back of the packet and work on that.  I bind all the pages together into a book to make it easy to flip through.  The first year I printed a packet from the internet I didn’t bind it and pages were flying all over the room!

I also made Conference Bingo Cards that we all really enjoyed.  There are several topics on the card including prayer, faith, temples, etc.  We play by covering our entire card with pieces of candy (m&m’s, gummy bears, mini marshmallows etc) and as we hear someone discuss one of the topics, we get to eat the piece of candy on that square.  The person who get’s bingo first gets to eat the remainder of their candy!

I put the packets, bingo cards, and candy in a basket along with crayons and a few other little things for the kids to do.  I have found with my kids that if you make things visually appealing, for some reason they like it better.  That is why I bind their books and have everything arranged nicely in the basket.

Here are my packets and bingo cards.  You can download them and use them for your family.  Don’t forget to add coloring pages and word searches etc to the back of the packet.  You can find several of them put together online or browse through the Friend Magazines.

General Conference Packet

General Conference Bingo

general conference 1

Time Out!


This weekend I attended Time Out For Women with my mom, sister Mallory, sister Miranda, and sister-in-law Bekah.  It was wonderful!  The guys stayed home with the kids (thank you!) and we spent the night away.  I had so much fun.  One of the highlights of the weekend was when we went to a small cafe to eat lunch before the program started.  When we walked in we saw three presenters, Kim Nelson, Kris Belcher, Emily Watts, and the musical presenter Hilary Weeks at the table next to us!  We were so excited and I finally asked for a photo.  They were so kind to us.  The rest of the weekend just got better from there.  We laughed, we cried, we talked.  I am thankful for this weekend away with the girls in my family and look forward to doing it again next year!

The theme for Time Out was “Sweet Assurance.”  The presenters spent the two days getting us to think about things that we know for sure.  They told us to write them down and try to add to our list.  I don’t know a lot but I do know a few things for sure.

I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and takes care of my needs.
I know that my parents, husband, and children love me too.
I know that the spirit of God is real.  I have felt it too many times in my life to deny it.

When you get a second, take some time out and write down some things you know for sure!

Relief Society Activity Ideas

I have served as my branch enrichment leader for a year now.  I love this calling a lot.  Here are my planning, agenda, and notes from our four activities we had last year:

HFPE The Hundred Dresses HFPE Meeting
HFPE Journaling HFPE Meeting
HFPE Frugal Gift Giving HFPE Meeting
HFPE Add a Little Sugar and Spice to Your Personal and Married Life

We had several smaller activities throughout the year too.  Some of them were FHE swaps, bread making, soup making, homemade laundry soap making, temple trips etc.  We are a small branch and don’t do “groups.”  Instead, we do several small activities.  I try to have two activities a month the sisters can choose from.  I keep the meetings and activities simple with few decorations and easy refreshment ideas.  I really want the women to learn something and/or feel the spirit.  This is what is most important.  The socializing and fun will happen naturally from us getting together.

Here are some ideas from our planning meeting for this year:

–Ideas for our 4 main meetings this year

1  March—“He Is”—improving our relationship with Jesus Christ (using the song He Is by Hilary Weeks

2  June—Developing and recognizing our talents

3  September—How to put our eternal priorities first (temple, family) (make temple mod podge)

4  November—Holiday traditions

–Food/refreshment ideas-brownie bar, baked potato bar, soups

–Ideas for small activities-Self defense, fhe swap, movie night, scripture study systems, Ensign article night, cake decorating, genealogy, healthy support group (exercise, nutrition, stress management),learn to cut hair, organizing/what works for you, herbs-how to grow and use, wheat 101, powdered milk 101,  emergency notebook, medicine cabinet in a bag, canning.

Family Home Evening Swaps


One of my favorite time savers are fully prepared Family Home Evening kits.  I have participated in several swaps where everyone prepares multiple copies of the same Family Home Evening and then we exchange them.  We go home with several different fully prepared Family Home Evenings.  The kits we exchange are complete lessons with visual aids, stories, games and activities.  They are great because when Monday rolls around, all I have to do is grab a kit and read over it quickly.  The above photo is a Family Home Evening I received in the last swap I participated in.  It’s nice because I have so many great lessons now.  It’s a lot easier to come up with one creative lesson and swap with others, than to come up with several on my own.  Since I have started swapping kits we have had Family Home Evening almost every Monday night.  Because the lessons are so creative my kids love them.  I have hosted several swaps as Relief Society activities.  I’ve also joined a few online swaps where we have mailed them.

Here is a copy of my swap rules and a sample lesson that you can download:


FHE Prayer MbM