This is what thirty looks like!

Phil brought home dinner and a cake for my birthday.  He insisted on putting all thirty candles on the cake!

Here’s a list of thirty things I love:

My family
My home (especially when it’s clean)
Spending time with Phil
My education
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Snow days when you can’t leave your house
Being creative
When my kids tell me thank you
My craft area
My laptop
When I try a new recipe and it tastes really good
Being barefoot
Laying by the pool on very hot days
Being able to stay home with my kids six days a week
Being able to get out and work one day a week
When I have an empty calendar and am able to stay home all week
When all the kids are in bed for the night
When the kids sleep in until 7:00am (very rare but nice)
Wearing comfy clothes
Listening to books on tape or the Ensign on my mp3 player
My minivan
My backyard
Eating Sunday dinner at my parent’s house
My life!

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