Up All Night


Last night at 3:00 in the morning, Preston came into our bedroom.  Phil took him back up to bed and tucked him in again.  Then, a few minutes later, Ella was in our room.  I told her to get back in bed.  Then, a little later, I hear a terrible clashing noise that kept going and going.  I finally got out of bed to see what the noise was and Preston and Ella were sitting in the family room playing with the blocks together.  Remember, it’s 3:00AM!!!  I told them to get in bed and back to bed I went.  Why on earth they both woke up at three in the morning and why they decided to play nicely together (normally they would be fighting over the blocks), I have no idea!  In the morning I asked Preston if they went back to bed and he said, “Yes, but first we played with Ella’s angels in her room, and then she read me stories, and then we slept in Ella’s bed.”  Then he showed me the block castle they made.  We were all tired the next day but I thought it was cute how well they played together.  If only they could do that during daylight hours!

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