Waitress Kit

waitress kit

For my daughter’s birthday this year I made her a waitress kit.  It was very inexpensive and she loves it!  We already had most of the items for the kit at home.  All I had to do was buy a few items at the dollar store and make her menus which cost less than $5!  I gathered the apron and fake food that we already had.  I made her a menu with words and pictures of the food in the kit.  I put the pictures on so her little brother can play too.  I also put prices for each food item so she can learn about money.  I made a smaller version of the menu that she can use to take our order on.  I laminated them both and gave her a dry erase marker to use on the order card.  I purchased fake money from the dollar store and the tote that the kit is kept in.  The lid of the tote doubles as the serving tray.

Here’s a copy of the menu and order pad.  They are both two sided.

Waitress Kit

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