52 Scriptures About the Savior

20151217 Savior Scriptures

Camille over at Chicken Scratch n Sniff posted a free printable with 52 scriptures about Jesus Christ.  There are four scriptures to a page.  You can print them off and use them in a variety of ways.  In her post, she even gives 10 ways to use these scripture cards!

52 Scriptures to Help You Remember the Savior All Year

I printed out the pages on card stock and cut each page into fourths so there was one scripture per card.  Then, I printed out a picture of the Savior for the front cover.  I copied and pasted her ten uses for these cards and printed them out as a last page.  I laminated the front and back covers and punched holes in the top left corner and used a ring to make a booklet.

I have been looking for a way to bring myself and my family closer to Jesus Christ.  I am excited to use this booklet all next year to help us learn about and remember our Savior.

I am going to keep this booklet in our gospel study basket that you can read about HERE.

Here are some ways I am thinking of using this booklet in our family.  I got all these ideas from watching Camille’s video and reading her post.
-I would like to focus on one scripture each week next year.  We will read it during scripture study each day that week.  Hopefully we will memorize some of them and it will spur some conversation about the Savior too.
-I printed each scripture on card stock but did not laminate each page (only the covers) so we could write any thoughts we have about the scripture on the back of each one.
-Whenever anyone in our family gets upset, we will read through the booklet in hopes of calming down and bringing some peach and spirit into our lives!

Family Scripture Study


20151120 Scripture Study (4)

Several years ago we had three young children and were struggling to have family scripture study.  I was an overwhelmed mom who had no idea when to do it or how to get my kids to sit still and listen.  Then, twice within a few months I heard two different talks that mentioned holding family scripture study during dinner time.  When I heard the first talk I thought that sounded like a good idea.  Then I quickly forgot about it. The second time I heard it, it stuck with me.  We almost always have dinner together as a family and the children are already sitting!  So, I purchased an inexpensive copy of the scriptures so it would be okay to have them at the table with messy kids and we started reading a few verses from the Book of Mormon each day.  That worked great for us.

As we continued reading and had another child, I began to feel like this was not enough.  We did our best to hold Family Home Evening and daily scripture reading; but, I had a nagging feeling that I needed to be teaching them more-more doctrine, more testimony.  I wrote down a list of all the things I wanted to teach my children and pondered a way to fit it all into our family scripture study.

After a few weeks, I saw something (this post)  that gave me a great idea.  I gathered everything I wanted to teach the kids and put them in a basket.  I sat the basket on the counter right beside out table so we could see it at dinner as a reminder to study.  It also sits out all day so the kids can grab something out of it anytime they want to read or study.

20151120 Scripture Study (1)

20151120 Scripture Study (2)


Then, I found an old spinner game piece laying around the house from a fast food kids meal and converted it to a gospel study spinner.  I had a space for all the things I wanted to study during scripture study.  Our kids already had a specific “prayer day” where they say the family prayers that day (or they can pick someone else to say the prayer once that day), so I let them spin the spinner on their day.  Wherever it lands is what we study that day.  It’s fun for the kids, it adds variety to our study, and we are able to learn a lot more.

20151120 Scripture Study (3)


The spaces on my spinner are:
Book of Mormon-It’s on there three times because I feel it’s really important!  We read a few verses wherever we left off last time.
Scripture Story-I have the old gospel art kit that has scripture story pictures on the front and the story written on the back.  I put them all in a notebook and the kids open up to a story and we read and talk about it.
Basic Doctrines-These are the basic doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints that are emphasized in Seminary and Institute classes.  Every time we spin this we cover one or part of one of the doctrines listed.
Church Magazine-We read a story in the Friend Magazine.
Scripture Mastery-I have all the scripture mastery cards on a ring and we will open up to one and study it.
FTSOY-We study a topic in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.
Family Proclamation-We study one paragraph each time.
Articles of Faith-We study a new one each time.

I keep everything we need to study each of these in my basket by the table.  It’s so easy to grab what we need and study.  I am amazed at what we have covered over the last few years doing this!  If I feel the need to switch out topics I can easily create a new face for my spinner.

If you want to create your own spinner there are a few other options I found (click on the pictures to go to the source for directions:

-Cover up a spinner from an old board game.

-Make your own spinner.
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-Use the Decide Now app-available from itunes and google play.



-Buy a spinner from Amazon
blank spinners
board game spinner
transparent spinners

Car Bingo

car bingo

We just got back from our family vacation.  We had a six hour car drive each way and I knew the kids would spend most of that time watching dvd’s.  I decided to make car bingo for them to play just in case they got board with the movies.

I was pleasantly surprised that the kids loved playing it.  I played with my seven year old daughter while my 4 year old son helped us look for the items.  It was fun and got them looking out the window at the scenery.  I was so glad they got to see some of our drive instead of staring at the tv screen the whole time.

I laminated the cards and we used dry erase markers to mark the squares as we saw the items.

Here are the cards we used.  There is a pdf version of the cards as well as an excel file in case you want to edit them.

Car Bingo

Play Mats

play mat 2 play mat 1

I found these cute little ocean and space figurines at the craft store Michaels.  They had many different themes such as birds and horses, but I thought my boys would like these the best.  I made the play mat they are on by searching for themed wallpaper on the internet and then printing them off.  I found a scene for each side, put them back to back to make them two sided, and laminated them.  My boys got them for Easter and loved them.  They are nice because they don’t take up a lot of space and you can take them with you when you go out to eat etc.  I’ve seen a lot of cute figurines like packs of plastic bugs and green army guys at the dollar store that would be fun too.  They make fun and inexpensive gifts for children.

Multi Purpose Bags

multi purpose bag

I bought several of these reusable grocery bags at ALDI last year.  I have used them for just about everything!  They are great because they are much larger than the bags from other stores, they are super durable, they can hold a ton of items, they can hold a lot of weight, and they cost less than $2!

In the photo above you can see we used them for beach bags on our vacation last summer.  They worked great because they held everything and it didn’t matter if they got yucky in the sand because they were so inexpensive.  We actually used them to pack for vacation.  I know it looked like hillbilly luggage but it was so convenient.  We had one bag for beach stuff, one for food, one for each person, etc.  It kept everything nice and organized.

I also use them when I am cleaning my house. I will carry one into different rooms to put all the kids toys in that I find throughout the house.  Then I can take the bag downstairs to their toy area and put them all away at once.

We celebrate Christmas with three sets of parents in their homes.  I keep a bag for each home we are going to.  After wrapping a gift, I will place it in the bag whose home it goes to.  Then, when it’s time to leave on Christmas Eve or Day, I can grab the correct bag and everything is there and easy to carry.  They also work great to put the gifts you received in to bring them home.

Wii Mats

wii mat

My kids got a wii for Christmas.  They love it and it gets them moving.  As they play, they start moving closer and closer to the tv.  I was afraid they were going to put the remote right through the screen.  So, I put down these carpet squares and told them to stay on their mats.  Hopefully it will keep our kids and our tv from getting hurt!

Growth Chart

growth chart 2 growth chart 1

I saw a growth chart recently online that I loved.  I have been meaning to make one for my kids for a few years but never knew how I wanted to do it.  This was the perfect solution.  Amy at www.amyscreativevinyl.com made the vinyl for the growth chart like the one I saw online.  I LOVE IT!!!  I got an 8″x8′ board at Lowes and had them cut it to 7′.  I just found out that Lowes will cut your boards for you!  Then I painted it an off white color, sanded the edges lightly, applied a thin coat of stain, and applied the vinyl.  When I grew up, we marked our heights on the back of a door.  When we moved we had to leave it behind.  Having the growth chart on the board is great because it looks cute enough to leave out as a decoration, or if you want to put it out of sight it will easily fit into a closet, and it can go with you if you move!



I recently discovered you can pop popcorn kernels in the microwave.  Pour about 1/4 cup kernels in a brown lunch sack, fold over once, and tape shut.  Microwave it for about two minutes or until finished popping.  I love doing this for a few reasons.  First, the kernels are much cheaper than buying microwave popcorn.  Second, you don’t have to add any oil or fat to the popcorn.  Third, it’s much healthier than the microwave kind because you don’t have all the additives and extras they add to the microwave popcorn.  Fourth, you can top it with whatever you want.  You can use real melted butter, salt, garlic, etc.  Fifth, it tastes yummy!

Multi-Purpose Toys

multi purpose toys

These are the best children’s toys ever!  I bought them on sale several years ago.  While bathing my daughter one day I became very frustrated with all the bath toys she was playing with.  They all had small holes that trapped water inside and every time she squeezed them, black gunk squirted out!  I got the set of beach toys out and they have remained in our bathtub ever since.  There are buckets, shovels, cars, and boats etc. included in the set.  They love them.  Last winter I had another bright idea.  My kids wanted to play out in the snow but I didn’t want to join them in the cold.  So, I grabbed the beach/bath toys and set them out on the deck in the snow.  They loved scooping up snow and molding it into shapes.  I laid a towel down for them to sit on so they stayed dry.  We have also taken these toys to the beach and they loved them there too.  We’ve had them five years and all three kids play with them daily.  I’ve also put them through the washer and the dishwasher several times to clean them with no problems.  So, the next time you need children’s toys that are inexpensive, hold up great, and are multipurpose- go buy a sturdy set of beach toys.


race track

We have two sons who spend the majority of their days rolling, ramping, and racing their many cars all over the house.  We found the perfect racetrack for them.  It is a piece of vinyl soffit found at any home improvement store in the siding section for about $12.  It has three lanes and bends slightly to give the perfect incline.  It’s 12″ wide and 12′ long and can be placed anywhere.  My boys have had it on our outside front steps, our stairs inside, and leaned up against our couch.  They have had so much fun sending their cars down the track and watching them race down.  The best part is that it is thin so can be stored anywhere, it’s very inexpensive, and it keeps the boys busy for hours!