I recently discovered you can pop popcorn kernels in the microwave.  Pour about 1/4 cup kernels in a brown lunch sack, fold over once, and tape shut.  Microwave it for about two minutes or until finished popping.  I love doing this for a few reasons.  First, the kernels are much cheaper than buying microwave popcorn.  Second, you don’t have to add any oil or fat to the popcorn.  Third, it’s much healthier than the microwave kind because you don’t have all the additives and extras they add to the microwave popcorn.  Fourth, you can top it with whatever you want.  You can use real melted butter, salt, garlic, etc.  Fifth, it tastes yummy!

Muffin Tin Meals

muffin tin meal

I read about “Muffin Tin Mondays” on the blog http://sycamorestirrings.blogspot.com/.  Each Monday this woman (and several moms who have joined the trend) serves her children lunch from a muffin tin.  I tried it and my kids love it!  I use a mini muffin tin that holds a dozen muffins.  In each spot I put a different food.  In the above photo I have food like peanut butter, crackers, ham, green peppers, carrots, spinach leaves, cheese, raisons etc.  I also took a cookie cutter and cut a butterfly out of bread.  My kids got to decorate their butterfly and then eat it.  They loved it so much I bought more cookie cutters.  We now have a circle they can make a face from, a girl, a boy, and a bear (build a bear!).  They love it and I do too because I don’t have to cook anything.  I just toss in different things from the cabinet and fridge.