Is a New Table Worth It?


This is my kitchen table.  It is always covered in crayons, paper, markers, playdough, matchbox cars, and an array of other toys and papers.  It has nicks and cuts all over the top of it.  It is covered in pencil and crayon marks.  Every chair is completely broken.  It is a well used, worn out kitchen table.  Sometimes I wish for a nicer table.  I realize that a new table would come with one of two problems.  The first would be that the kids would just ruin that table too and then I would be really angry.  The second would be that I would have to basically keep the kids out of the kitchen and off the table so I could keep it nice.  That would be even worse.  I spend most of my time in the kitchen.  If I am in there, and they aren’t allowed to sit at the table doing crafts, homework, and playtime etc. then I wouldn’t get to spend very much time with them.  When I think about it that way, I am grateful that my table is falling apart.  I am grateful that my kids have a place to sit and spend time with me and as a family.  If getting a new table would mean getting rid of that, I realize it’s not worth it.

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