Over the last two years Griffin has had several bouts of pneumonia and bronchiolitis.  Any time he gets a runny nose or a cough, it goes straight to his lungs.  His pediatrician told us that many children outgrow this by the time they turn two.  He continued getting sick and had to go on a daily steroid and other asthma medications as needed.  I hated giving his so many medications and I hoped he would be one of the many children who would outgrow this airway disease.

A few months after he turned two he got a runny nose and a cough.  Within a couple hours he was hardly able to breath.  I took him to the pediatricians office who sent him straight to Children’s Hospital which is an hour from our home.

Griffin continued struggling for breath.  Phil took him to Children’s while I attended to the other kids.  When they got to the ER, Griffin was met by a whole team of specialists who pumped him full of several medications and breathing treatments.  It was really scary as they tried to decide if he should be placed in the icu.  I made arrangements for the other kids and drove to meet them at the hospital.

At that point he had been admitted to the regular ward with special instructions for extra attention from the health care providers. He was on hourly treatments that were expected to continue throughout the night.  We called a dear friend who lived near Children’s to come help Phil give Griffin a blessing.  I was reluctant to call our friend because he had an infant born with a heart condition who spent several months in the same hospital before he passed away the year before.  I knew it would be difficult for him to come back to the hospital, but he gladly did and I was so grateful for his efforts to help save my son.

After the blessing, Griffin started improving and the treatments started spacing out further and further until he was discharged the next day with prescriptions for even more medications, inhalers, and nebulizer treatments, and a pretty sure diagnosis of asthma.

It was very scary.  I hated that he was always sick, but at least before this happened, I felt like I could manage it-just start the meds at the onset of cold symptoms and wait for him to out grown it.  Now, he had asthma, that could turn life threatening very quickly.  I am afraid to leave him alone or go out of town any more.

Phil and I were out of the country on a trip for his company just the week before.  I am thankful this didn’t happen while we were gone.  I am thankful I am a pharmacist so I have a good understanding of how to treat him.  But most of all, I am thankful for priesthood blessings that heal and comfort in times of need.

Doughnut Meets Burger


Sounds like an unlikely combination doesn’t it?  Well, we recently returned from a family vacation where we stayed with my brother Brad and his family.  For dinner one night they took us to a little diner near Penn State where my brother attends.  This was a real diner with all the original fixins.  They had a great selection of burgers and shakes.  While cruising through the menu, Phil came across a delightful combination of bacon cheeseburger on a glazed doughnut bun with the name of “Crazy Burger.”  I think it is because you have to be crazy to order such a thing.  Since Phil’s two favorite foods are doughnuts and cheeseburgers, he thought, “How can you go wrong?”  Well, while he continues to enjoy doughnuts and bacon cheeseburgers, he has decided the “Crazy Burger” is a once in a lifetime treat.  He thinks he will eat them separate from now on.

My Handyman


If you know Phil, you know he’s no handyman!  He avoids fixing things at all costs.  He doesn’t enjoy it and it causes him stress!  But, when the cabin filter on my van needed to be changed and Phil found out the cost to have it done, he put his fears aside and changed it himself.  At the same time, the bulb on our TV went out too.  Again, to save a few hundred dollars, he figured it out himself.  I am very proud of him.



My parents have a swimming pool and we enjoy it all summer long.  I take the kids there to swim two or three times a week.  Occasionally Phil is home from work and is able to go swimming with us.  The kids love it!  This year Ella learned to swim in the deep end and Preston enjoys jumping in with his arm floaties on.  Brennen loves to run around the pool and make me a nervous wreck!  I am glad we are able to spend so much time together by the pool.  I hope my parents never move!

A Getaway


Sometimes the best part about being a parent is getting away from the kids for a few days!  Phil took me to West Baden Springs Hotel this past weekend.  We had a wonderful time.  We spent a few days talking, shopping, eating, hiking, going on a carriage ride, laying by the pool and getting massages.  We also had a good time learning about the history of the hotel.  The trees and flowers were all starting to bloom and Phil spent an afternoon following me around as I photographed all the blossoms.  We had a great time!

Four in Four

20090302 per

We have been in the emergency room four times in the last four months!  The first three were for Preston.

1.  Fell down the stairs and fractured his elbow.  He had to wear a splint for a few weeks but luckily did not need a cast.
2.  Ran right into the corner of a desk and cut open his temple.  They used liquid stitches to hold it together.
3.  Last Thursday night he fell off a kitchen chair and hit another chair with his chin.  His cut was deeper this time and they gave him five stitches.

4.  Well, if that wasn’t bad enough, Monday night Phil was using a pair of scissors and snipped his pinky finger!  Back to the ER we went and sure enough he needed four stitches.

Any more ER visits and I’m afraid they are going to start questioning us!

Anniversary, Kids, and Golf


Phil and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this year.  With three kids including a nursing baby, busy grandparents, and my two sisters going to college, it’s getting hard to find a babysitter!  So, for our anniversary we took the kids with us to dinner.  We went to Snow Hill Country Club and had a great meal.  The kids were actually very well behaved!  After we ate, we went out and let the kids practice on the putting green and the driving range.  They both love playing golf.  It is a wonderful thing to see my husband share such a passion of his with our children.  So, even though we had the kids with us on our anniversary, it was a great time.


20080608 petunias

When we moved into our house almost five years ago there were flowers planted everywhere.  By the next year, (under our care) weeds were everywhere!  Last year we had all the flowers and bushes and weeds taken out and we started over with clean flower beds.  We replaced all the perennial flowers with small bushes and annuals.  This year the upkeep was much easier.  Phil spent all day Friday in the ninety degree weather mulching our landscaping.  He also planted petunias in our front flower bed.  He finally came in after dark with the job unfinished.  I got up the next morning (while he was golfing!) and finished up.  It looks nice.  I love the look of freshly mulched landscaping (void of any weeds).