The Many Hats of Griffin…


Griffin loves hats!  He wears them every day-to the store, to church, to bed, to play, out to eat etc.  His hats vary from buckets to bowls to flower pots to actual hats.  Sometimes he even wears multiple hats at one time.  His favorite hat to wear to church is the green flower pot.  His siblings have told everyone at church that their brother is a “pothead.”  At church they are wondering if he might show up next week with a lampshade on his head. If you take him to the store he begs for new hats.  He will even pick out a hat over a toy.

I am sure that some may wonder why I let him wear his “hats” out in public.  Sometimes I wonder that myself as we receive sideways glances from people in the store or in restaurants.  But, it makes him happy.  It makes me laugh.  It gives his siblings something to talk about together.  I’ve also seen total strangers giggle as they have passed us by.   That joy is greater than the little bit of embarrassment that might come from showing up to an event with my son wearing a bucket on his head!

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